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Utilizing State-of-the-Art Equipment and Commercial Roofing Materials
Commercial roofing companies have experts who are up-to-date on the latest developments in commercial roofing technology and can recommend the best roofing solution for any given project. New commercial roofing products have been introduced in recent years that provide high resistance to temperature extremes and optimize environmental efficiency, thereby reducing stormwater runoff and heating and cooling costs.

Slope is a major factor to consider when installing a commercial roofing system. Low-slope roofs (also known as flat roofs) and steep-slope roofs are the two main types of roofs.

Low-slope roofs are typical of industrial buildings, supermarkets, and malls. You can choose from EPDM, PVC, or TPO for your flat roof thanks to this roofing system’s versatility.
Steep slope roofs are more common on single-family and multi-family dwellings than on commercial buildings. Metal, shingles, slate, and tile are all great options for this style of roofing.

Six Signa is an expert roofing contractor with more than 30 years of experience in commercial flat-foot systems and residential shingle and tile applications.

Disasters happen and while we try to prepare for all possibilities we are often caught off guard when they do. Thankfully you have our team to guide you with everything from dealing with your insurance company to cleanup and restoration to make your home feel whole again.

Types Of Commercial Roofing Systems

commercial roof repair in billings, montana
Commercial roof
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25-Point Roof Inspection Report
(Most Applies To Residential)

  1. Six Sigma Roofing Company Will Inspect Your Roof For Missing Shingle Granules

The granules of shingles are responsible for various features, such as protecting the shingles from harmful UV light directed by the sun and protecting your home from whatever mother nature throws at it.


Shingles will lose their granules in various ways, such as normal wear and tear, severe hail damage, or a defective product used on your roof during a previous inspection. Of course, when your roof shingles begin showing signs of losing their essential granules, they are at the point where you will need to replace them immediately or risk leaking to occur in your home.


Other granule losses include shingle blistering, mechanical damage, old shingles, normal aging, and being walked on too much.


At Six Sigma Roofing Company, we understand how vital these granules are to your home and shingles. We check every shingle thoroughly during our 25-point inspection to help give you a better idea of whether you need to replace the shingles or if your roof can survive a little longer with the current shingles.


  1. Six Sigma Roofing Company looks for Proper shingle overhangs at gutters and eves

Whenever you have a new roof installed, what tends to happen is that to compensate for the lack of either a drip edge or flashing, contractors will install shingles too far forward, which covers the opening of your gutter.


It is common for many roofing contractors to place roof shingles into the gutter itself, which can cause wicking if the shingle is exposed to the water within your gutter.


There are specific measurements for which your shingles should be placed over your eave, such as ¼ to 3/8 inch, and many contractors recommend extending the shingles very slightly in case the eave is somewhat wavy.


While many contractors ignore the recommendations manufacturers make for adequately placing your shingles over your home’s gutters and eaves, at Six Sigma, we strive to ensure these accurate measurements so that your shingles can last you for many years to come.


  1. Six Sigma Roofing Company will inspect for any loose shingles

Your shingles are responsible for protecting your home from the worst mother nature can throw at it and help to protect your home from being penetrated with water.


When your shingles begin to wear down, you will need to replace your roof quickly. We can help you prevent a potential leak in your roof from occurring by inspecting your shingles closely, and we can help you to avoid having to make costly repairs to the inside of your home in the future.


  1. Six Sigma Roofing Company will inspect for curled, brittle, or deteriorated shingles

Remember, your roof is the first line of defense, and you must protect yourself from the elements such as the sun, wind, snow, rain, hail, etc. These different elements have the potential to ruin your shingles and wear them down faster than many homeowners realize, and that is why having them inspected often is crucial to the safety of your own home.


Rain and snow are your roof’s worst enemy, and not only can these two weather conditions damage the overall structure of your shingles and rot decking, leading to faster Deterioration of your shingles.


The sun can have a damaging effect on your shingles and result in a complete breakdown of them over time. The fact is that mother nature will begin to make your shingles brittle and can curl them or deteriorate them after some time. Having your shingles inspected by Six Sigma Roofing will help to ensure that your roof is up to the task of protecting your home the way it should for many years to come.


  1. Six Sigma Roofing Company will inspect all seals on your shingles to help prevent wind damage

Here in Montana, there will be some days when we may experience high winds from time to time, and those strong winds can damage our roofs. When you schedule a free 25-point inspection with Six Sigma Roofing, we will effectively look at your roof shingles and ensure none are peeling away from your roof’s foundation. We look for various things for wind damage, such as whether the bonding process used in the primary installation is still intact, and we also look for curled and brittle shingles. 


  1. Six Sigma Roofing Company will Inspect the fastening method used in the original installation

Different fastening methods are used to install a roof onto a house, such as hand nailing the shingles down or using an automatic nail gun to attach the shingles to the roof.


Both of these fastening methods have their own set of advantages and disadvantages and both methods will be used depending on what kind of shingles are being installed.


When we inspect which fastening method was used in the primary installation of your roof, we determine whether the process damaged your shingles in any way and if, so we recommend fastening down your shingles using a different method to ensure the durability and life of your shingles.


We have many years of experience with installing and repairing roofs. Our experts will come with the added benefit of knowing exactly how your shingles should be fastened to the framework of your home. We use our experience to ensure that you are happy with our work and can rest assured that any work we do will come with a positive outcome.


  1. Six Sigma Roofing Company will inspect flashings at all walls

We check various types of flashings at your walls during our 25-point inspection process.


Headwall Flashing – this is the place where your roof meets a wall, and it should extend behind the exterior wall

covering your home and down over the material that is covering your roof. Flashing should continue to overlap over the material covering your roof. The vital thing to note here is that no dimensions are provided and apply to every manufacturer so that every contractor will install them differently. The main goal is to ensure water is kept from the headwall flashing. We will inspect the flashing and ensure that no water will be able to seep into it.

Sidewall Flashing – this is the flashing that lies between a wall and a sloped portion of your roof if there is any. The only exception is if your walls are made of brick. The same function applies to this flashing: to keep water out.


Step Flashing – this flashing primarily consists of installing small pieces of the flashing that overlap every bit of shingle your roof contains. This flashing tends to be installed defectively. Regardless of the flashing used in your home’s installation, we at Six Sigma Roofing will inspect each kind thoroughly and ensure that it keeps water from leaking into your home.


  1. Six Sigma Roofing Company will inspect all pipe flashings for cracks

A pipe flashing is a material commonly used around the various pipes and vents that come through your roof and are primarily used to prevent water from leaking through them and into your home.


Often many contractors install these incorrectly, resulting in water leaking through your roof and into your home, which can leave you with a costly repair bill. At Six Sigma Roofing, we inspect each flashing thoroughly and look for signs of wear and tear and defective installation.


We will give you our honest opinion on whether you need to replace them before any long-lasting damage can be done to your home.


  1. Six Sigma Roofing Company will inspect all valleys for cracks and Deterioration

A roof valley is an area of your roof that is very prone to leaking, and this holds especially true if you own an older roof.


There is a reason why this area of your roof is susceptible, and it is because this is the area of your home that accumulates most of the water that is captured by normal rainfall, and this is where the water will flow through before it can escape through your gutter.


 Leaking in this area commonly occurs during the harsh Montana winter months as all the snowfall we receive will accumulate in this area, and a leak will most likely happen if you do not have any flashing that has been properly installed. With our years of experience, we understand why roof valley leaks occur, and they occur because of a few reasons:

  1. An Ice and Water Shield Is Missing from The Roof Valley-if your roof valley has been properly installed it should include an ice and water shield that was installed. If not, it is prone to many leaks in this area.
  2. Roofing Nails Used Improperly-if nails were misused during the installation process, which can accelerate the rate at which your shingles age and draw moisture through the aging shingle.
  3. Collection of Dirt and Debris-naturally your roof valley will collect an endless amount of dirt, leaves, and other debris, which can disturb the natural downward flow of water into the gutter when these objects are blocking it. There are various reasons why your roof can fail within the valley flashing and cause a leak, such as improper roofing installation, structural issues, and Deterioration of the materials used. At Six Sigma Roofing, we will look at this area carefully and ensure there are no leaks or the potential for leaks during our routine 25-point inspection process.


  1. Six Sigma Roofing Company will inspect all storm collars at pipes for proper seal

In the roofing industry, specific statistics have shown that a buildup of moisture can cause even more damage to a roof of a residential or commercial roofs than that of termites, storms, or even fires combined.


Storm collars are used to ensure proper ventilation of gas, and they are used to make sure no water can leak into the inside of your home or commercial building.


Think of your storm collar as an umbrella, as it keeps the water out of the joint where it meets the vent pipe. We will determine if the seal is worn down or has been improperly installed and if so, we will recommend removing the old sealant used and replacing it with new adhesive to ensure there is no chance of water leaking into your home.


When you perform a routine 25-point inspection by Six Sigma Roofing periodically, we can check all your storm collar pipes to ensure that no moisture can seep through them and destroy the interior and exterior of your structure. We can detect any problems that may arise because of these pipes having the wrong sealing method used, and we can help maintain the life of your roof for many years to come.


  1. Six Sigma Roofing Company will inspect all rubber boots on top of pipes for Dry-Rot

Dry Rot is a condition that can happen to your roof, and it doesn’t necessarily happen to only wood products. It can happen in rubber as well, and a variety of things can cause it:

  1. Ultraviolet Light That Comes from The Sun
  2. The Chemicals in The Ozone
  3. Oxidation

Naturally, these three things will cause the rubber boots on your pipes to wear down, and there will need to be inspected to ensure they need to be replaced.


  1. Six Sigma Roofing Company will inspect all gutters and downspouts for any blockage

Your home’s gutter is essential in ensuring water cannot build up on your roof and cause long-lasting damage in the long run.


Gutters funnel water away from your roof and home and are responsible for protecting your home’s siding, the windows of your home, and the foundation of your home from harmful water damage.


When you have gutters that aren’t working as they should, you will be left with a collection of water near your house, which can and will have long-lasting damage to the foundation

of your home. Your home’s gutters protect your home from a variety of things that you may be unaware of, such as:

  1. Flooding within your home and basement
  2. Cracking or damaging your home’s foundation
  3. Preventing an infestation of mosquitoes or other pesky insects
  4. Preventing a buildup of mold
  5. Protects your house from harmful erosion
  6. It prevents staining of the exterior of your home in the walls, driveways, or even walkways
  7. Prevents paint damage
  8. It prevents any products on the exterior of your home from rotting and rusting
  9. It prevents your landscape from being damaged


  1. Six Sigma Roofing Company will make sure your Gutters are securely fastened

As you know, your gutters play a vital role in the overall maintenance of your home and your roof and help ensure that no water can build up on either and cause long-lasting damage in its wake.


When you have a loose gutter in place or a gutter that has fallen away from the building itself, this allows water runoff to miss the gutter completely, run down the sides of the building, and pile up near the foundation of the building itself.


Having water run off the building in this manner can result in several consequences such as harmful Dry Rot, harmful erosion of the structure and foundation, damage to your surrounding landscape, damage done to the siding of the building, possible window and door damage, buildup of hazardous mold and even damage to the structure of the building.


At, Six Sigma Roofing, we can look for likely loose gutters and let you know of the dangers these can pose so that we can get them fixed for you immediately. 


  1. Six Sigma Roofing Company will check for proper attic ventilation

There are many reasons why you want to ensure there is proper ventilation within your attic, with the primary reason being that this will allow for air to circulate naturally through a method known as convection, which simply means that the air is drawn from the outside from the lower levels of the attic and is then released through higher areas in what is known as a draft.


This is very similar to how a chimney works and how the air should be circulated through your attic.


Believe it or not, having a well-ventilated attic is a crucial part of the entire roofing system of your home. When your attic is properly ventilated, it can push hot air and moisture from your entire home and help reduce your home’s overall temperature. If your attic is adequately ventilated, you can help reduce most of the potential health risks and even extend the life of your roof.


When your attic has a poor ventilation system, it can cause most of the problems for you in the long run, such as mildew buildup, rust, Deterioration of your entire roofing system, and having to spend a lot of money on air conditioning systems for your home.


If you find that no matter what you do in your attic, it is always blistering hot in the summer and bitter cold in the winter, it may indicate that the area has a poor ventilation system.


  1. Six Sigma Roofing Company will inspect attic insulation throughout attic for proper R-Value

An R-Value System specifies certain types of insulation levels. This system helps to measure how resistant the insulation is against heat that travels through it.


In your home, the one room that tends to have the most amount of energy lost through it is your attic. That is why it is vital to have adequate insulation in place to prevent the loss of this energy and to create an effective barrier against the unwanted heat exchange that causes you to lose it.


The critical thing to know here is that the higher the R-Value, the better the insulation will work in resisting heat.


 At Six Sigma Roofing, we can measure how effective the insulation in your attic is working based on its R-Value, and we can give you our professional and honest opinion on whether what you have in place is effective enough to stop this unwanted exchange of energy. 


  1. Six Sigma Roofing Company will do an interior attic inspection for moisture, mold, or Dry-Rot

We already know that having excessive moisture within your home is not only harmful to the roof of your home but can be harmful to your entire home. When excessive moisture is found, it is often difficult to get rid of due to the extreme complication of it all. Water itself can cause some harmful effects such as:

  1. Dry Rot-while it has been known to target wood primarily, this wood-eating fungus has also proven to be an enemy of rubber. It targets areas of a home that are not well insulated, thick with moisture in the air, a room with no light, and places that reach temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The perfect place for this fungus to thrive is in the attic of any home if it is not well ventilated or well insulated.
  2. The mold can cause various health problems for humans living in homes where it thrives. One of the illnesses humans can suffer from is Sick-Home Syndrome. People who suffer from immune system failure usually exhibit symptoms such as respiratory issues and cannot fully recover from something as simple as the common cold. At Six Sigma Roofing, we understand how harmful both dry Rot and mold can be for your home and your family. During our 22-point inspection process, we always keep an eye out for these toxic substances and alert you immediately if we find any trace of them.
  4. Six Sigma Roofing Company will inspect attic intake vents for any blockage

The intake vents in your attic are primarily responsible for giving your attic adequate ventilation. If it is blocked in any way, this can prevent warm air from flowing out of your home and to the outside, effectively controlling your home’s temperature.


Blocked intake vents will even have the potential of bringing cool and wanted air out of the occupied space, which will lead to an increase in heat loss or cold loss from your building. At Six Sigma Roofing, we look for these blockages in the intake vents as part of our 25-point inspection and ensure to unblock them to restore adequate airflow throughout your home and your attic.


  1. Six Sigma Roofing Company will inspect all Attic vents for holes, cracks, shrinkage, or proper

installation to the outside

When you think of your home, imagine it as a giant chimney. Any warm air in your home will rise to the top of the building (the attic), which will increase the air pressure once it reaches the ceiling. The air pressure in your home and the air pressure, which is lower outside of your home, will drive any warm air that resides in the house to go through any hole or crack it can find.


The same can be said for the lower part of your home, and the high pressure within your home can push cool air out of your home and into the outside or into the foundation through any hole or gap it can find.


This is known as the stack effect, and the critical thing to remember here is that the larger the space you have between the inside and outside of your home, the greater the air pressure will be in your home, and thus the stronger the pull of air will be.


At Six Sigma Roofing, we will look for any hole, crack, or shrinkage that could indicate you are losing too much air and that your home is not being correctly ventilated to save money on your energy bills in the long run. We will also check for proper vent installation and that all vents are vented outside the attic.


  1. Six Sigma Roofing Company will inspect for cracks in the mortar on your Chimney

When you have a crack in your Chimney’s mortar, you are more likely to experience water leaks than chimneys that do not have this problem. There are a variety of ways that this can pose a problem for you, such as:

  1. Water running down the flue of your Chimney
  2. Water running down the brickwork within your home or your attic
  3. The exposed chimney brick will get damp from the water runoff and begin forming lime deposits on

them. When you have cracks in the mortar of your Chimney, there are three serious health risks: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, which can be fatal, Chimney Fires, and Deterioration of your Chimney as a whole. At Restoration Colorado, we can alert you to any cracking in the mortar of your Chimney, so you can have it repaired before encountering any of these problems for yourself and must pay more in the long run due to costly repairs.


  1. Six Sigma Roofing Company will inspect for any missing caulking around chimneys and vents

Caulk is one of those substances essential to use in any home repair or home building project and is the critical tool to prevent any air or water from seeping into your home.


As the season changes here in Montana (which tends to be every 5 minutes), cracks and gaps can begin to appear in the caulking used around your Chimney and its vents which can allow unwanted air to come into an air-conditioned space and that can allow moisture to leak in through these areas.


This unwanted air and water can cause several problems for you, such as mold appearing, unwanted drafts, and heat loss during the bitter cold winter months. At Six Sigma Roofing, we keep an eye out for any caulk that contains gaps, holes or that is missing altogether and immediately alert you to this issue.


  1. Six Sigma Roofing Company will inspect for bricks missing in your Chimney

It is crucial to ensure that no bricks are missing from your Chimney’s foundation as this can result in water penetrating the inside of your home and destroying necessary materials, which can lead to rapid Deterioration. When it is cold, this can lead to the water freezing, exposing your entire Chimney to stress, which can damage it. Prolonged contact with water can damage your Chimney in a variety of ways, such as:

  1. Rusting chimney accessories
  2. Rusting the glass doors of your Chimney if there are any
  3. Staining the walls and ceiling of your Chimney
  4. Staining the exterior of your Chimney
  5. Decaying the mortar on the outside of your Chimney
  6. Rotting any woods or coverings that are nearby


  1. Six Sigma Roofing Company will inspect Siding, Stucco, Windows, and deck for hail damage

Hail does not just damage roofs. Hail or wind also damages the other parts of the home’s exterior. Six Sigma Roofing will inspect all sides of your home’s siding or stucco.


Along with the home’s exterior surface, we will inspect the windows and window screens for damage. If your roof got hit, you could bet that your deck most likely has some hail damage. We don’t only do roof repairs or replacements, and we can perform all exterior or interior repairs. 


  1. Six Sigma Roofing Company will inspect for Rodent or Bird nests in the attic or Chimney

During any time of the year, little critters such as rodents like squirrels, mice, and birds will try to make your home their own. Unfortunately, as small as these creatures are, they tend to cause long-lasting damage to your home you might be unaware of.


These creatures can clog up your Chimney, eat away at the wood in your attic, chew through wires, or make annoying and unwanted noise in your home. As a bonus, Six Sigma Roofing will thoroughly inspect your Chimney and attic where these creatures tend to take over and search for any signs of nests that could indicate their presence.


  1. Six Sigma Roofing Company will inspect your property for hail damage

We will check your fence, sidewalks, deck, etc. We will let you know if you have any hail damage to any of these exterior areas.


  1. Six Sigma Roofing Company will inspect the interior of your home using an infrared camera

We will inspect the interior of your home to see if your home has any interior water damage due to a leaking roof or siding. Most of the time, we can pinpoint moisture intrusion before it becomes a big problem.


During our 25-point inspection, we also found water damage in the home’s crawlspace.